Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eric Carle in Wonderland!!!

Eric Carle
We hope you have heard this name at home and have enjoyed his many children's books.  If not, check out our bookshelf to get some ideas for your next trip to the Library.

We spent the day imitating Eric Carle and the many steps he has to making his illustrations.

We used paint brushes, potato mashers, plastic screens, pizza cutters, cotton balls, forks and many other objects to make prints on our paintings.  This is a technique Eric Carle uses when making his illustrations.

With all that painting we had to clean up our mess.  We used the Sensory Table as our wash bin to clean all of the objects we used.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

P.M. Wonderland took advantage of the nice weather and had a car and bike wash on the playground.

Dante is enjoying the new Flower Shop in the loft.

Sam, Nathan, Ethan, Michael and Konrad are playing in our Ocean Table.  What animals live in the Ocean?
Sarah Jane, Marley, Rebecca, Lydia and Lindsey are enjoying a day at the beach.

Our tadpoles turned into Frogs!!!!  What an amazing experience for the children to see.  Ms. Catherine brought them to a creek by her house where they can eat and swim to their hearts content.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ornithology 101

We studied a nest and then made a list of the things we would need to gather to try making our own nests.
Some examples of our nests drying in the sun

We took a bird-watching walk yesterday and stopped in the quad to work in our journals.

Ms Kelly has quite a crowd as she reads How Fletcher Was Hatched

More work in our journals.  These will be coming home today, so be sure to check out their great work as ornithologists!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring is in the AIR!!!!!

The children are having so much fun watching all the changes that are happening to our Robin nest.  We currently have four eggs that we are watching.  Take time to come in our classroom and keep updated with the pictures we continue to take.  YouTube has some great home videos of the whole process, from egg to empty nest.

Wonderland Preschool took a short walk over to the Stephens Greenhouse on Monday.  Wow, what you can grow when it is nice and warm 24/7. 

Our Frogs continue to grow and we are enjoying every minute of it.  Just today we noticed that several of them have their back legs as well as both front legs.   We are hoping to see them become frogs and release them outside before the end of the school year.