Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's new in Wonderland?

Reagan, Cooper and Elly are using past experiences as well as their imaginations to represent their feelings and ideas through pretend play at a CAMP OUT.

Our OT student, Miss Brittney, spent her last day with us doing a fun Spring activity.  We talked about and charted our ideas on birds and made bird feeders.

What?  We can use scissors to cut up all this fun stuff?  Yes, that's right, we gave the children scissors and the freedom to cut away.  Try this at home, with adult supervision of course.  We used Styrofoam, paper plates, aluminum foil, pipe cleaner, tissue paper, bubble wrap and many other things we had lying around.

Lindsey is testing out different things to see if the wind from the fan will make them move.  Why does a napkin blow away, but a shaker egg stays still?

Look what the rain brought in!!  The BOYS had a ball filling buckets and straining all the rocks out of the water.
This is why we bring extra clothes to school.  Ha!  Ha!

Imagination station

We have had a basket of recycled materials in Roxaboxen for some time.  We add to it, put it on the table and see what happens.  This morning the "station" was full of busy hands taping toilet paper rolls to empty tape dispenser rings and egg cartons soon became robots, paper towel rolls with foil became superpower telescopes.  Start your own basket at home! It's free and all you add is tape and your imagination.

What can you make from a fingerprint?

Ed Emberley's Fingerprint book has inspired some fun creations...cowboys, pirates, turtles and of course tadpoles!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun + Light

Miss Tiffany used the light table to illuminate their spring color mixing.  Everyone could pick a color equation (2 reds + 1 yellow = ??) and solve it by adding the drops of color.

  Busy making clay suns
"If sun rays had stingers, we would call them stingrays!" ~Toby

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preschool Read-a-Thon!

Students from the Children's Literature class came today. 
What a joyful noise to have all those stories being shared.

Wonderful Worms

We have been reading about worms (ask your child how to tell which end is the worm's head).
We went outside with little shovels and dug for worms.  We thought they seemed sleepy because they were moving so slowly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birds and Tadpoles

We are reading this beautiful book and imitating the illustrations with blue paper and oil pastels.
This page inspired us to try painting with feathers.

We also went for a walk yesterday and
noticed that green purple and yellow seem to be the first colors of spring.

We have tadpoles and are excited about seeing them turn into frogs.

Family conferences

We will not have school on Monday April 11 for Family Conference Day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The week before Spring Break!!!!

The A.M. Wonderland class had the great honor of having some friends stop by and share their instruments with us.  Sarah Catlin-Dupuy(Dante's mother) and her instructor, played the violin, banjo, snare drum and more.  Thank You to both for taking the time to help us enjoy MUSIC!!!

With Spring all around us, we decided to make our own RAINBOW using items in the class.  This is a great activity for home, especially on a rainy day. 

If you haven't already heard from you child, we were given a jar full of frog eggs before Spring Break.  We are happy to inform you that over break the eggs hatched and we now have tadpoles.  We are excited to follow this process and hope that each and everyone of you take the time to come into class and follow the progress as well.