Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's new in Wonderland

We ended our Bubble week with another experiment.  What blows the best bubbles, water, juice or milk?  Check these pictures out with your child to find out the answer and maybe even try this at home.
Jameson and August are enjoying the new cars from Barnes and Noble. (Thank You parent group for helping us raise money for the new books and toys in our classrooms.)
We have been looking at and creating patterns in some of our small groups the past few weeks.  Sarah Jane made an ABB pattern using cardboard colored blocks.  Can you or your child figure out what parts of her pattern are repeating?
The Music Suite is in full swing.  We have had solo artists, bands and parades galore.  If you or someone you know would like to show off your musical talents let us know and we would be happy to invite you in.
We started talking about Dinosaurs this week. We found out we already know a lot, but there are many questions we still have.  What is the name of the small, fast dinosaur?  Did all dinosaurs lay eggs?  What was the biggest dinosaur?
Sam M., Haley and Sarah Jane are painting with dinosaurs.

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