Saturday, April 2, 2011

The week before Spring Break!!!!

The A.M. Wonderland class had the great honor of having some friends stop by and share their instruments with us.  Sarah Catlin-Dupuy(Dante's mother) and her instructor, played the violin, banjo, snare drum and more.  Thank You to both for taking the time to help us enjoy MUSIC!!!

With Spring all around us, we decided to make our own RAINBOW using items in the class.  This is a great activity for home, especially on a rainy day. 

If you haven't already heard from you child, we were given a jar full of frog eggs before Spring Break.  We are happy to inform you that over break the eggs hatched and we now have tadpoles.  We are excited to follow this process and hope that each and everyone of you take the time to come into class and follow the progress as well.

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