Sunday, August 28, 2011

The First Week In Wonderland!

We had a great first week in Wonderland.  The children slid right into the routine and are already amazing us with all their knowledge.  We are all officially readers, writers and illustrators.  We hope through the year you start hearing these terms from your child, because it is something we talk about on a daily basis.  We have already been introduced to several authors including Pat Hutchins, Robert Munch and Kevin Henkes.  There is an area in our Literacy area where we will be hanging pictures of authors and illustrators we are learning about.  Who knows, your child's picture might end up on the wall as well.

We spent most of the week getting to know each other as well as doing some community building.  You might have heard your child singing several getting to know you songs like, 
Higgity Biggity bumble Bee.  Can you say your name for me? or
_________is his/her name.  ________is his/her name.  Hi Ho It's Preschool. _________is his/her name.

Ms. D, Hannah, Elliot and Lucas are enjoying a Robert Munch favorite, We Share Everything!

Beckham, Grace and Mika are exploring the dry erase boards in the Literacy Area.

Wonderland Preschool is acting out The Farmer and the Dell.

A BIG, HUGE thank you to all the families who have donated games, school supplies, etc. to our class.  We are enjoying everything, including the Little Pet Shop game.

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