Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honalee Scientists

Today in Honalee we did an easy experiment to create a cloud in a jar! Ask your child about it and try it at home. Before we conducted the experiment we talked about how we could possibly make a cloud appear in a jar. There was some great answers. For example: Reed thought we might need a very tall ladder. Alyssa guessed that we would need a net to catch the cloud. And Emily thought we could do it if we rode high into the sky on a butterfly! Here are the directions:

What you need:
1 jar
small ziploc bag of ice cubes that can be set on top of the jar
hot water

1. Fill the jar about a third of the way with warm water
2. Light the match and blow it out. Wait a few seconds and toss it in the water.
3. Quickly cover the jar with the ice cubes.
4. A cloud should form in the jar. It's a little hard to see so you might want to put the jar in front of a dark piece of paper. If you don't see it, take the ice cubes off the jar and you will see the cloud escape!

The warm air in the jar rises and meets the cool air from the ice cubes to form a cloud!

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