Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honalee Week 2

Honalee had a very busy week as we continued to learn about one another and our classroom.  During Group Time, we took a few moments to focus on the different areas of our classroom such as: Dramatic Play, Creativity Corner, Math Manipulatives, Art, and Computers.  Ask your child what their favorite area is, besides computers!  Miss Bridget kicked off "Star of the Week" by sharing a few of her favorite things and family photos.  It is interesting to learn that teachers really do have a life outside of the classroom.  We will get to learn all about Miss Sarah this week.  We read some great books such as: Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard, The Stinky Cheese Man by Jon Scieszka and Jane Smith, and Friends by Rob Lewis.  On Friday, we got to watch Ernest Borgnine read The Rainbow Fish online.  Then, we got to make our own scales to give to someone special.  Check out some of our pictures from last week:

Frank is investigating with the snap cubes.  He wanted to see how many he could snap together during Free Play.  Before we had to clean up we had more than 100!

Emalee, Max, and Frank working on their math books.

Emalee, Frank, Max, John, Reed, and Karl sailing their boat to Egypt!

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