Saturday, September 24, 2011

Honalee Update

Honalee has had a busy week!  We wrapped up our weather unit by discussing tornadoes.  We had a practice tornado drill and went down to the basement.   John was our Star of the Week and he shared some of his favorite books, family photos, and chocolate cake (sugar and chocolate are his favorite foods!).  Story telling has become a popular event during Free Play.  The students have been telling stories and then we writing them down.  After the children add illustrations we read them as a group.  The stories are available on our bookshelf to read throughout the day.  Feel free to come in and read them.  Some popular story topics have been zombies, ghosts, and vampires.  Can you tell that Halloween is approaching?  Next week we are going be getting ready and practicing for our Puff the Magic Dragon performance.   

Mason and Reed in the Animal Recue Center.  EVERYONE got to help sort all of our toys!

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